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The Parents of Terri Schiavo and Their Attorney Are Getting Desperate It Seems...

Another legal maneuver included a late afternoon filing asking Pinellas Circuit Judge George Greer to order the reinsertion of the tube, claiming Terri Schiavo tried to say "I want to live" when her tube was removed. The motion said Schiavo was asked to repeat that phrase and responded: "AHHHHH" and "WAAAAAAA."
I first heard that earlier on "On The Record" on Fox News Channel. I turned to my cat, and said to him about what I had just heard, "I call bullshiat!"... Of course Eastwood just stared blankly at me as usual. But, regardless, I STILL call "bullshiat"... the Schindler's attorney is just getting desperate. If that actually happened, why didn't they videotape, which they didn't? They are to the point of making up stuff... besides, Terri Schiavo only has 20% of a brain left according to the cat scan, the rest has been eroded away and replaced with spinal fluid! No thoughts left. Just enough basic function left to keep the heart going and breathing. That isn't "living"! Time for the parents, the religious asshats protesting outside, and their lawyers to STFU and go home already!

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