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Don't Let People This Dumb Own A Computer!

In lieu of anything else to post tonight, since STILL no word back one way or another from my Wal-Mart interview, I'd just like to post another post someone put on the "microsoft.public.windowsxp.general" newsgroup, from someone calling themselves "Jinxed":

"I received a virus on msn with omg this sis funny and the link
It sent itself to all my contacts and has deleted my d:/drive. Apparently it
embeds itself in your pc too. I really havent got a clue how to get rid of
it, and im dreading what its going to do next! Help! "

Any idiot that would click on a random link DESERVES a virus, but doesn't need to be able to spread it to others! People should be tested before being able to buy a PC, to make sure they know what to do to protect it!

/rant over

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