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Just dropped my domain site, , because my money is getting extremely tight and I can no longer afford the extra $14.95 a month. In a sense, I'm also losing the domain name too, because, since I had the site hosted through a Network Solutions company, in order to maintain the domain name after dropping the site, I would have to shell out another $35, which I also can't afford at this time.
Since I already have lots of space on my Homestead site, more than I may be able to fill anyway, I'm in the process of "recreating" the Tape & Record Show site there, since Homestead allows you to make as many web sites as you want on your alloted space. I have 25MB there total, and so far, have only used 5MB. The Homestead site is considerably cheaper anyway, $19.95 a year, and I already have a year paid for, with around 9 months left before I'll have to renew. Homestead is also more "flexible" design wise.
The old Tape & Record Show Enterprises site should be up until September 12, according to the cancellation email they sent me, since I'm paid up till then.
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