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Sumptin' Went Wonky.....

Just spent a couple hours uninstalling, reinstalling, and manually reconfiguring Opera, after downloading the beta of Trillian Pro 3.1. Not sure what went wrong where, just know that both versions of Opera on the computer, the latest stable release and beta 8, started crashing on startup right after installing the Trillian beta, but the Trillian beta didn't crash, if that makes any sense.
I originally tried a basic uninstall and reinstall of both versions, and reloaded the configuration files, but they still crashed. So, had to uninstall, delete both Opera directories, then reinstall, and fiddle with them to get them back to the configuration I had them. All the work paid off though. No more crashes, and Trillian is still running smooth. My only guess is a file got corrupted somewhere.

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