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Not Keen On Holidays... But Everyone Else Is Doing It...

What Will albert71292 Get ?
Xmas pressie predictor
Subscription To Hustler Magazine from giggly_girl
Depends Undergarments from myriadwhispers
Bottle of Bourbon from allisunclaimed
8-Track player from moo58
A Webcam from marciawebcam
A Thong from catgirl
Something Silly from pinkrose70
Something Funny from nitesky
Case of Diet Pepsi from nightangel13
A Mop Bucket from astrojetta
A Tattoo Coupon from koyotic
Something Naughty from ruby_lynn
Something Even Naughtier from winkie_woo
A Nekkid Picture from baya
Used CD-R's from wickedflea
A Kitty from kitykity
A Porno tape from crayon_goddess
Hacked Livejournal account from de_lish
Some Good Lovin' from ronjeremyslover
A Copy of "Ishtar" on DVD from antistepfordsis
Something Sloppy & Wet from secrativegirl


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