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Think I've went more off the deep end than usual with my current desktop image...

Must have something to do with my obsession with British comedy. Last week, I downloaded with torrent files three episodes of "Steptoe & Son"(the earlier inspiration for "Sanford & Son", and I'd never seen till now), but none of the programs on my computer would decode the AVI files into NTSC SVCD without distortion and lapsed audio. I finally got "hold" of a copy of Nero 6, and that did the job. Wanted them in SVCD format to watch on the living room DVD player on the 27" TV. Need to eventually invest in a DVD burner... maybe once a steady job calls. Whoever put up the torrents of those shows must have gotten them from a network called "UKGold", judging from the logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen throughout. Occassionally a "UKGold Guide" logo would pop up in the upper right hand corner... guess that is an on screen guide, or a PVR, or something. Looks like UKGold is an interesting network... need to nag Charlie Ergan of Dish Network into possibly carrying it on a pay basis, if he can...

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