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Out With the Old, In With the New...

The old Montgomery Ward microwave oven bought in mid 1982 finally got to the point it was taking longer and longer to cook food, almost to the point it would be faster to put the food in the regular oven instead...

As of today, however, I have a brand spankin' new Sharp Carousel microwave oven...

I find it amazing how much they have come down in price over the years. The old Wards model was $599.99 before tax. The new Sharp was only $86.44 before tax. It will probably take me a few months to get used to operating the new one after only using the old one over 22 years, being that the buttons and settings are different. Also, I'll have to get used to not stopping the oven in "mid-cook" to rotate what is cooking by hand, since the new one has a turntable.

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