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My mom called late yesterday. I asked her did she get the email from my uncle where he was letting everyone know his email address was changing, because he was switching from AOHell to BellSouth. She said she had turned her computer on to check her email, but she had things popping up she wasn't sure what they were, so she just turned it off. I just returned from her house to see what it was, and as expected, they were "update" notices for the software on her computer. She isn't very computer savvy, and I think she is afraid to click on something, because she thinks she might get charged for it.
Anywho, there were updates for her Internet Explorer(Windows 98), the AVG anti-virus, and Zone Alarm firewall. I rebooted after installing the updates, and didn't see any pop-up notices, so hopefully she'll be in the "clear" for at least a couple days.

Now, I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon listening to the Leo Laporte tech radio show on the KFI 640AM internet stream, which starts around 2:05 central time.

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