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Eastwood's Doctor Visit

Just returned from taking Eastwood to Cooper Veterinary Clinic for his annual rabies/leukemia/worming boosters. Also I informed them about the couple of times I found about three small "brown rice" looking worms where he was laying a couple weeks ago. They gave me a couple of small white pills for that, they said it sounded like a mild case of tapeworm, brought on by fleas. Haven't noticed any fleas on him though, and they didn't find any either. I treat him once a month with that Hartz flea medicine that you put in back of his neck. Anyhow, I gave him the first pill a while ago, and he takes the second one in three weeks.
Besides that, he checked out perfectly fine, and now weighs 11 pounds.

Office Exam: $18.00
Leukemia Vaccination: $16.00
Rabies Vaccination: $11.00
Deworm Oral Liquid: $6.00
2 worm treatment tablets: $11.00
Having a healthy kitty: Priceless

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