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Guess I Will Give Them One More Week To Resolve This

Received an actual email reply from a person at Time Warner Cable from yet another email I sent Saturday evening, first time to hear back from anyone there email or phone wise...

"Dear Mr. Sims
I do apologize for the error that has been made. I have submitted this
issue to a supervisor and this issue should be corrected asap. Once
again I do apologize for the error that has been made. Either email me
back in a few days or just call about Wednesday or Thursday to verify
that this has been taken care of and/or when I hear that it has been
taken care I will email you back myself.

Bill Sherwin
Time Warner Customer Care"

I have also sent an email to the Better Business Bureau just in case. Also posted the problem on and

If I get a reply today though via email, I may not get it until late... HellSouth's email servers are in the middle of one of their two or three times a month outages. I really need to make either my Yahoo or Hotmail accounts my default email.

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