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Time Warner Cable are the dumbest bunch of assholes on the planet! If you remember all of this shit from a few months ago, they are still harassing me! Got a note today from a collection agency, wanting over $300 for the service the assholes kept billing me for months after I told them to disconnect me on April 13 of this year. I told them that day when I returned their damn box to disconnect me, then I kept getting bills. I emailed them twice telling them I didn't owe nothing, and called three times, and wrote return to sender,no longer have service on the bills they were sending. I finally gave up trying to talk to those fucking morons, because no one there has a lick of sense. Well, this collection agency note is the last straw. I am going to their office Monday, demand to see the idiot in charge, wave the dated April 13th reciept I got the day I turned in the box in front of their face, and possible stick my foot up their ass.....

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