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I stopped by Suncoast Video while out job applying (Exxon Food Mart, Photo Fast, and Civic Center Inn) to get the newest Benny Hill set on DVD, and the girl at the check out (who I didn't mind "checking out) said I was the first person to come in the store today that didn't ask about that "Passion of the Christ" movie. Told her I could care less about that movie...already own "Life of Brian", that was close enough. She went on to say the store has to call nearly 300 people before the end of the day to remind them that their "pre-ordered" copy will be in tomorrow. She said, "Well, guess so many people want it, because we are in the "Bible Belt"". I said that I really don't fit "into" the demographic of this area, because I'm not religious, and the more demented something is, the more I like it! She got a good laugh from that, then I left, setting off that darn alarm at the door again... happens 8 times out of 10 when I buy a DVD somewhere....

Now, guess I'll park my posterior in the living room and watch my DVD's....

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