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I'm seeing "sound wave" forms in front of my eyes..... just spent nearly 7 hours in front of this computer transferring three more hours of old recordings my friends and I recorded on cassette in the 1980's to CD's. Wanting to eventually get the several hundred hours in a digital format, because cassettes don't last "forever".

I know, the first thing someone might ask is : "SEVEN hours to duplicate only three hours of material?!?" Well, it is a time consuming process.
1. Input the cassette deck into the computer sound card.
2. Start up Roxio Sound Editor.
3. Set recording level correctly so as to not get distortion.
4. Record the programs to the hard drive.
5. Run the equalizer on the recordings after they are on the hard drive to eliminate as much tape hiss as possible.
6. Split the half-hour or hour shows into "tracks".
7. Convert each individual track to .wav format (Roxio records them in some oddball format).
8. Take the tracks, put them in the correct order, into Roxio Easy CD Creator.
9. Burn the discs.
10. Burn a copy of the discs to "store away" in case something happens to the copies I'm listening to somewhere down the road.

Now you are saying: 'You make TWO copies?!?" Yes, it was a habit I got into in the cassette era. We would record a "show", and I would make a copy of the original cassette, and just play the copy when I listened to them. Most of those original "copies" still sound good enough, I'm using those to make the CD's, since the "copies" differ slightly from the originals because of editing I did back then to trim them down to an even hour or half hour. All the original cassettes spanned from 1979-1992. Luckily, most of those years, I was able to purchase good quality tape, like TDK, Maxell, Sony, Scotch, and Memorex. Bought a few BASF tapes back then, and they have a muffled "bassy" sound to them.

Now, I'm going to go vegetate in the living room and listen to the CD's on the good stereo...

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