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Update Interview?

Just got a call from State Farm (who I have my truck insurance with). The lady on the phone said my agent, Kathryn Huff, wanted me to schedule an appointment to come in for an "information update" interview. Never heard of that before. The lady said it just involved checking to see if any "major changes" have went on with my life, or if I'd made any "major purchases" since they last got information on me. Told the lady on the phone only change recently is that I've been out of work, and spend most of my day hours job hunting. Still, I have to go on August 19th for the interview. The phone number on the caller ID was an out of state area code, but since it was State Farm, I don't see why I couldn't have been updated over the phone.

I'm a dull person, and broke financially most of the time... makes for very few "changes" in ones life....

Oh well, going to go park myself in front of the television for awhile...

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