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Watched "When Rated X Ruled The World" a couple hours ago on VH-1. I always liked the "adult films" of the 1970's, at least they had plots, were well done, and shot on film. Got to admit, via the recent interviews, that Marilyn Chambers, Dr.Sharon Mitchell, Candy Samples ph.d, Gloria Leonard, and Vanessa Del Rio have taken very good care of themselves the past 30+ years, and are still "hitable". Been slowly building a collection of DVD's from the classic era, have to mail order them, since no stores near me can legally sell them. I have six so far...

1. Deep Throat
2. Behind The Green Door
3. Debbie Does Dallas
4. Outlaw Ladies
5. The Opening of Misty Beethoven
6. Ginger on the Rocks

Also, my first "exposure" to "Deep Throat" was the soundtrack LP released in the early 1980's by a small record company out of Sandy Hook,Conneticuit called "Sandy Hook Records", a division of "Radiola Records" run by a Michael Rophone, which specialised in old radio show releases. The soundtrack had very good original music, believe it or not.

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