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Just got home after spending a couple hours fooling with moms computer while she is out of town. I did everything I mentioned in this post, and also installed Zone Alarm. Really, since she is running Windows 98 and is on dial-up, she could have possibly gotten by without a firewall, but I figured "What the heck." and installed it anyway. Most of the time was spent trying to remove Norton Systemworks off the PC. I think my uncle might have installed a bootleg copy of it on there, because it did not uninstall properly. It kept pausing on boot-up saying a dll file was missing and it still wanted to load Systemworks. I finally managed to get the machine cleared of the program. Did a Google search, and found out what needed to be deleted manually in the registry. Her computer now boots up considerably faster.

Now, going to go park myself in my recliner in the living room and see if anything good is on the television...

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