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My Amusement For The Morning...

Before hitting the road to job hunt, I usually check my email, LJ Friends list, new "Leoville" forum board posts, Yahoo news, and posts on "", the subscription part of regular "".
While going through the TotalFark posts, I found a survey someone posted, asking everyone to leave comments as to their guess of exactly what is the mystery gynecological condition' that Courtney Love has that was reported in the news recently preventing her from showing up in court. A few of the "best guesses" posted below:

From scootah: "a nasty yeast infection from doing that opening a beer bottle with her pussy trick again."

From im_beyond_help: "Her crotch is suffering from an explosive case of the queefs.

From OBB: "The crotch crickets have started cross-breeding with the crabs, and they've developed sentient intelligence."

From IXI Jim IXI: "A "gynecological condition"? How bout "she's a douche"

From JangoFett: "Courtney Love's vagina became so large it collapsed in upon itself. Nine miners are still trapped inside. More details at noon."

From cscx: "One time I punched Courtney Love between the legs... 12 cocks and a homeless man fell out."

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