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HellSouth Once Again...

Don't you hate having internet connection problems, calling your ISP after a few hours trying to figure things out on your own, having the person on the phone have you go through all kinds of shiat like adding things to "cmd" and telling you "your browser isn't supported by BellSouth", then, over 15 minutes into the call, having the idiot on the other end say he was "just told" there is "a service outage" in your area? That happened last night here. I had enough liquid refreshment in my system by that point, I told "Ricardo", since "my call may be taped or monitored", that the CEO of BellSouth, Duane Ackerman, needed a foot up his posterior, and they needed to hire a CEO that actually knows something about telecommunication...

Took me nearly half an hour this morning to finally figure out how to remove the error messages I was getting on boot-up on my machine as a result of last nights call...

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