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Another Application In....

Went over to "American Meter Services" and applied for a job this morning. I was researching jobs on the "Louisiana Works" site yesterday and saw they have two openings for meter readers for Entergy. Hope I get this, although they said they have 12 people applied already. Wanted to get back home today though, because the air repair guys said they should have the parts for my cooling unit in by today.

In other news, I see where Tony Randall died last night. Always liked the shows he was in, didn't even know he was sick. I still get a laugh when watching the movie "Foolin' Around", in the scenes where he played the butler "Peddicord", and Cloris Leachman would tell him to do something, and in a deadpan tone would say, "Yes Madam", then he'd whisper as she was walking away, "Bitch!".... by the end of the movie though, they wound up getting married...

May have to watch my tape of the movie again sometime today, haven't watched it in awhile. That is another movie they should release on DVD.

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