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The Heat Is On...

Just put in another call to Bell Heating and Air Conditioning. Called them first early Friday afternoon about possibly coming out today or tomorrow to replace the condensation pan in my cooling unit so I can run the air some on these 86F+ days. Woman said she wasn't sure if they would have to order the part or not, and she would have them call me back. Haven't heard "squat" back yet. Last summer, it developed a serious leak, and when they came out in the fall to fix the heating unit, I told them about it, and they said the pan was broken. I told them I would hold off till summer to get it fixed and the guy said he would make a note of it in my records back at the shop. The closet where it is located already had gotten a soaked wall and floor because of the water leak, so I'm not running my air until it is fixed, don't want any more water damage.

Well, guess I'll be sitting around here goodness knows how long waiting for them to call me back again, since all I got this morning was an answering machine. The rate things are going, I may not be able to go out and hit the job search circuit until later this week, having to wait on them! Not that it matters much, I've done went everywhere I think I'd be qualified to work at... several times... and still no job calls. Guess taking a few days off from the search won't matter much.

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