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Spam, Spam, Spam

I was getting a little sick of getting over 80 spams overnight and during the day in my Yahoo mail account. Decided to try the upgrade from POP3 access I was already getting for $19.99/year to the "Mail Plus" which claims to have better spam filtering and POP3 access for $29.99/year. I went to the site to sign up, discovered they were running a "special"... a year of Mail Plus at 34% off for a temporary time, for $19.75/year. Glad I caught that!
Normally by this time of day, I'd have over 40 spams in my Yahoo inbox. Haven't seen one yet. Checked the webmail site for the junk folder, nothing important going in there, so the better spam filters seem to be working. Looks like it may be worth the investment, which is 24 cents cheaper than I would have paid for another year of POP3 access by itself anyway! It also increases storage space from 6MB to 25MB.
While I was at it, since LiveJournal was 10 days away from expiring, I renewed for another 6 months. My spending has hit its limit for the month! :-P

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