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Stolen From crayon_goddess

A is for - Age: 38
B is for - Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none at this time
C is for - Career in Future: minimum wage doofus
D is for - Dead person you would like to meet: W.C.Fields
E is for - Essential item to bring to a party: never been to a party, can't say
F is for - Favorite song at the moment: "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins
G is for - Guy/Girls you've kissed: Sandra Williams, Kelli Hunt, Barbara Arrant
H is for Hometown: West Monroe
I is for - Instruments you play: Turntable, cassette , CD player
J is for - Job title: fast food, convenience store clerk
K is for - Kurrent Music: "That's Enough of that Stuff" by Marcia Ball"
L is for - Living place(s): Childhood house, inherited.
M is for - Most memorable moment of the day: Nothing today
N is for - Number of people you've slept with: 1
O is for - Overnight hospital stays: 1
P is for - Phobia[s]: Heights, Deep water
Q is for - Quote you like: "A Bird In the Hand Will Poop on the Wrist"-Benny Hill
R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: Barbara Hoff(now Arrant), in pre-high school years)
S is for - Sexuality: Straight
T is for - Time you wake up everyday: currently while job hunting 8am
U is for - Unique trait(s): none I can think of
V is for - Vegetable you love: Carrots
W is for - Worst habit: Drinking when alone
X is for - X-rays you've had: several, no broken bones though
Y is for - Yummy food you make: Grilled Cheese
Z is for - Zodiac sign: Leo

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