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Dumbasses...and other ramblings...

You know, I can't get over the idjits in the "microsoft.public.windowsxp.general" and "microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support" newsgroups. Three main topics keep popping up hundreds of times. You'd think the people would read the subject lines before bothering to ask a question, being the same three problems are there NUMEROUS times, and it is from stupidity on their end. Where do those people live, under a rock?

1. "Hey! Just installed Windows XP Professional and it just keeps rebooting. I get a system message that says something like: Remote Procedure Call has closed. The problem was initiated by: NT INSTANS\SYSTEM."
Microsoft put out a patch to prevent the "Blaster Worm" from getting on your system months ago dummy...don't you ever run Windows Update?!? Also, where's your feckin' firewall?

2."Help! I just installed SP2 and my PC doesn't work anymore!"
That is because Service Pack 2 is still in the beta testing stage, and only beta testers are supposed to download and install it, to get the bugs worked out of it. It isn't available for "public download" yet. You only download updates from "Windows Update" if you are just a regular computer user! You are obviously too "dense" to understand the meaning of the word "BETA" go outside and play in the mud!

3."I am being overrun by spam. Over 300 messages in the past 4 hours! What can I do to stop it? Please email me the instructions!"
If you don't want to be "overrun by spam", don't go posting your REAL email address in public newsgroups. "Crawlers" scan newsgroups for email addresses to send spam to. Just ask for instructions on whatever your problem is IN THE GROUP, and check back later. DO NOT put a real email address ANYWHERE, not even the header!

Now, granted, I'm "far" from being a computer expert, but I know enough to not get myself in the above messes!

Okay, now that rant is over, on to something else....I had to put my box of "Dolly Madison Vanilla Zingers" up in the kitchen cabinet. Did have them on the table, but woke up this morning, the box was on the floor and the Zingers were scattered. Apparently my cat decided he wanted one. Made the mistake of letting him take a few nibbles off one I was eating the other day, and he seemed to like it, but just a few nibbles every now and then is all he needs. He's already "hyper", the extra sugar would just make him even more so!

Taking the day off from job hunting...have pretty much ran out of places to apply where I would be "qualified" to work. Going to "start over" to all the places starting tomorrow if no one calls before then.

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