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Leo Laporte

I guess there is no need to keep nagging Time-Warner cable to carry TechTV anymore. The main reason I watched was Leo Laporte, learned quite a lot from the guy, when I first saw what was then "ZDTV" back when I had DirecTV in mid-1998, he was the one that "indirectly" talked me into getting a computer after I became addicted to "Call For Help" and "The Screen Savers". Before then I had no plans to buy one.
Well, turns out, he is now no longer with TechTV, and most of the other "personalities" at the station don't impress me much. So, guess I'll just keep up with him on "", and his weekend radio show streamed online.
About 15 minutes till the show starts, need to get into the KFI-640 IRC chat room, and "crank up" Windows Media Player...

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