Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Well, after two months of Robert Neal (the day porter at Burger King) not being at work, we all have found out why. He had to have serious surgery on his stomach, haven't found out the full details, but they said he had to have a portion of his intestines removed. My co-workers said he came up to work Wednesday, on my day off, to pick up his last two checks and to get some papers signed. They said he looked terrible and has lost lots of weight. He is having to quit work and take disability. Thinking I may go to his house on one of my next days off to check on him, although I'd hate to see him in bad condition. I'd have to say that, at work, he's been the one I've gotten along best with the last 16 years. If someone was going to get a serious, life threatening illness- why did it have to be someone nice like Robert? Why couldn't it of been my ex-wife instead? OR, his ex-wife, who left him to marry somebody in prison? Guess bad things only happen to good people.

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