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DVD News

Looks like "upped" the price of the cheap 12-DVD set I posted about earlier, and they are cancelling the orders that were made for the $5.49 price, judging from the posts further down the page in this "Fark.Com forum"...

In other news, while I was "out" earlier today, I went by Suncoast Video and "invested" in a couple more DVD's...Series Three of "Red Dwarf", and a DVD I didn't even know was out, a collection of music videos by "Devo". Started watching the bonus features on the "Red Dwarf" DVD after getting home this afternoon, but got sleepy since I was awake most of the night again, and went to take a nap. I'm now going to hit the shower, watch the rest of the bonus features and the Red Dwarf episodes,then the Devo DVD, and by that time, I'll be ready to konk out again for the night! Going to pick up where I left off, watching the "infamous" "Backwards" Red Dwarf episode backwards...err...forwards...err...nevermind...

/brain malfunction

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