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Raining Today, Don't "Want" to Get Out, But Must...

Thundering and raining, always hate to leave the house on days like this, but got a few things to do this morning. First, my mom has an eye check-up I need to drive her to at 8:30am, she says they may dialate her eyes, so she needs me to drive her there and back.
Then, I need to go over to the State Farm insurance agent and make changes to my truck insurance. The truck was in my moms name until it was finally paid for in December, and a couple weeks ago, she transfered complete ownership over to me, so I'm going to go "cheaper" on the insurance, by getting rid of "full coverage", and just knocking it down to the required "liability" and "uninsured motorist" coverages.
After that, I'm going to go by the Holiday Inn on Interstate 165 and the Days Inn out on Interstate 20 and drop off "resumes". The Louisiana job search site says both places are looking for desk clerks, and to bring resumes. I've never made a "resume" in my life! So, I've been up since around 4:00am working on one. I THINK I did the best I could, put down my "goals", my previous work experiences, and my education. Used a "template" I downloaded from the Open Office site. Didn't really have much to put down, most of my work experience over the years has been limited to fast food and cashiering jobs.
Then, finally, I need to go by and pick up some more "food stuffs". What is sad, no food in the house at all for ME, but "Eastwood" has enough for at least two more weeks! He's eatin' better than I am!


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