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Not Sure Why, But It Irritates Me...

What is it with some of these women who just keep having one baby after another? One of the co-hosts of "Fox & Friends", E.D. Hill, on Fox News Channel is one of those people. Seems every single year I've had access to Fox News, she has been pregnant. Last year I remember them saying she had seven offspring, and now she's about to have an eighth! In my opinion, as controversal as my opinion probably is, NO ONE needs over three at the most. What if something happened and a tragedy or major financial hardship came up? Taxpayers would have to help foot the bill for those kids.
Sure, right now, she has a well paying job, but no job is guaranteed permenant. It has me so irritated, I can't look at the woman anymore, I've started watching "Today" on NBC instead. At least Katie Couric knew when to stop!

/end of rant

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