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Received an envelope in the mail today from a place called "Domain Registry of America". In it was a bill to renew my domain name for $25 a year. I was fairly certain when I signed up with Geocities Pro that the domain name was included with the monthly fee. So, I went to Geocities customer support, did a little research, and confirmed my suspicions...

I received a domain renewal bill or solicitation from another company. Is this legitimate?

This alert relates only to the domains that you have registered with Yahoo!. It does not relate to domains that you have registered with other companies.
It has been brought to our attention that companies other than Yahoo! may have sent domain name (web address) holders such as yourself domain name expiration notices and solicitations that specifically relate to the domain that you have registered with Yahoo!. We are alerting you that you are not required to respond to such notices from other companies about your Yahoo! domain.

If you registered your domain name through Yahoo!, your domain renewal fees are automatically paid by Yahoo! as a part of your recurring monthly or yearly service fees, as long as your service is active and not past due. If you would like to keep your current domain and associated services with Yahoo!, do not respond to renewal solicitations from other companies which specifically relate to the domain you have registered with Yahoo!. Be sure your Yahoo! Wallet information is up to date.

If you renew your Yahoo! domain through any other company you will be transferring your domain away from Yahoo!. We also want to remind you that transferring your domain away from Yahoo! does not automatically cancel your service or alter your fees.

So, it sounds like someone out there trying just to get money out of me!

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