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Costly "Re-Investments" In Hollywood....

Over the years, I amassed quite a large collection of movies on VHS tape, 95% or so were recorded onto blanks off the premium movie channels on cable. The other 5 or so percent were the original "factory" releases. While I was out earlier today, I found another DVD version of a tape in my collection relatively cheap, $7.99, so I purchased it..."Blackmail"(1929, directed by Alfred Hitchcock).
A while ago, I got to thinking..."How many movies have I actually bought TWICE, first on VHS, now on DVD?" So, I go through the piles of VHS, match them up with the DVD's I have bought, and came up with these...

Sadly, I can make the comparison between re-purchased "LP's" and CD's also. Bought a lot of albums again after CD's came out, back in the days before recordable CD's.

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