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TechTV On Demand??

I dropped Directv back in April of this year after the third time my equipment was knocked out by nearby lightning strikes. I hooked up with Time/Warner Cable. They told me early on when I made an inquiry that they were in "talks" to carry TechTV. I have sent them emails at least once a month since then requesting the channel.
As of this morning, they added a few new channels, but still no "TechTV"... yet they added "TechTV On Demand", which has nothing on the line-up I would want to watch. I want to see daily "Call For Help" and "The Screen Savers", neither show is listed. Also, those cable pin-heads added that lame "G4" channel...
As a result, no more "nice" requests, I just sent Time/Warner Cable an email letting them know my feelings...

"I don't want to sound harsh, but who is in charge of the programming line-up, a chimpanzee? I've been severely missing TechTV since abandoning the satellite dish and returning to cable. Notice this morning "TechTV On Demand" was added. Nothing there I would want to watch. Where is the ACTUAL "TechTV" network? Makes no sense whatsoever to add an "On Demand" version of a network you don't carry. My mothers cat would even have more sense than that! Okay, that is my two cents worth, I return you to your regularly scheduled program..."

I guess worse that could happen, they could disconnect me...

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