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I've just been browsing some random online personal websites I've never visited before, and I've occassionally stumbled across what I consider to be a couple of the most annoying things someone could have on their site...

1) Excessive Pop-ups: Although I have a browser with built in pop-up control and don't see the pop-ups, I know they are there, according to the "blocked pop-ups" indicator in the lower right hand corner, it has blocked 27 in the past half hour from those various sites.

2)Background Music: Another bad idea in my opinion for personal websites. If I want to hear music, I'll turn on my stereo, or go to a music site. Most of the time, those people who embed music into their page have it at too high a decible level, and it nearly blasts me out of my chair!

And, the sites with BOTH are a double threat!

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