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Life here lately just doesn't seem to be going my way... just got in from what I guess I consider my last day at Sonic, without anything new lined up yet.
It was extremely busy when I got there at 10am, the manager told me to go ahead and clock in, so I did. It was still enormously busy at 11:30am, I was on the sandwich prep board. The manager started yelling in a rough tone that I needed to "speed things up", because her "pass out time" was exceeding the limits by several minutes. I was going as fast as I possibly could, finally she pretty much tells me, harshly, to "move to the side", she was taking the board. That was pretty much the limit for me, without saying a word, I clocked out, and just came home.
Guess it's just as well, I was thinking of looking for another job anyway, since here lately, they haven't been giving me enough hours to cover the increase in the child support payments. Hopefully, it won't take as long this time to find another job as it did last time. I'll deliver pizzas if I have to, my vehicle is in great shape, and the money is good. So, I guess Monday, it's back to extensive job hunting again!

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