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Various ramblings..

Been away from the 'puter most of the day. Washed three loads of laundry(let it pile up way too long), put in applications at Dominos Pizza, Arbys, and Churches Chicken, and washed dishes.

Called the cable company a couple hours ago, reception on the "standard tier" is snowy as tier is clear as a bell however. They are going to send someone out tomorrow afternoon between 2-4...they say if they are later than that, I'll get a $20 credit on my bill.

Noticed one of the "internet pioneers" in the "webcam" category is shutting her site down at the end of the month after 7 years. Used to keep up with her site, but not very much the past two and a half years...after she moved to California and stole her neighbors boyfriend, the site kind of "jumped the shark", so to speak.


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