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Full and Accomplished

Went next door to my moms earlier for Thanksgiving dinner, feeling rather "bloated" at the moment. After I came home, did a little more "tweaking" on the website. Embedded an ICQ/IRC chat room on the two webcam pages. The chat room is Macromedia Flash based, so it won't work unless you have the plug-in. Room is also accessible via an IRC client, server port:6667, room #albertsplace. Managed to do one thing I never have done before, embedded a "frame" into the "meta refresh" cam page. Had to do that because everytime the page refreshed, the chat room lost connection. Now, just the "frame" refreshes. Stole some "code" from bair's "Multi-cam Page" to accomplish making the frame, because I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing!

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