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Pinheaded Asshats...

It is almost 6:30pm in the afternoon on Thursday as I type this into "Notepad" for future post into LiveJournal. Got home from putting in job applications early this afternoon only to discover my telephone, DSL, AND backup dial-up are ALL dead as a doornail yet again!
I go next door to my moms about 1pm and call "HellSouth", since her phone is working (her phone never seems to go out).They try calling my phone, and say, "Yes, we detect a problem." I wanted to tell them, "No shit, Sherlock!", but maintained my temper. They say they will have someone out to check the lines at least by 6pm tomorrow. I tell them it had better be "sooner" than "later", since I need my phone working in case a job calls. They say they will put that in the "repair report".
Those that have kept up with my journal at least a year or so may recall the fiasco months ago with the phone not working. It seems to be getting to be a habit with them. I am convinced that no one at "HellSouth" knows what the hell they are doing!
Starting to think I should just do what a couple friends have done...drop the land based phone line/DSL completely, and switch to a cell phone(no more calls I make and receive it'd be just as cheap) and cable broadband, and tell "HellSouth" where they can "stick their wires"!
Going to sit in front of the TV and grumble to myself about not being able to go online...but if you are reading connection is back...this post was "pre-recorded" for broadcast at a later date...we now return you to your regularly scheduled programs...while I drive to Atlanta,Georgia and give Duane Ackerman (BellSouth CEO) a swift kick in the posterior....

UPDATE:9:00pm Thursday, still no phone/internet...did an AdAware/Norton Virus Scan...found 7 "cookies" and 1 "minmail" infection,deleted all of them...

UPDATE:9:30pm Thursday, just saw on the news that theU.N. has unequivability stated that the United States must immediately get out of America!

UPDATE:10:14am Friday...just got in from applying at a couple convenience STILL OUT!!! Grrrr.....gave the two stores my
mom's phone number as the main one to call...

UPDATE:11:09am Friday, repair person has went "up the road" to the
box to try and determine the problem after determining the problem is not in the

UPDATE:11:42am Friday, everything seems back to normal "so far"...

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