Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Music Meme Taken From therealamy Who Took It From ficbitch82

What you do is take this list of CD's from the person you've got it from...and cross out everything you don't own, and fill the blanks with stuff you DO own.

1. Evanescence
2. Lennon
3. Garbage
4. Alanis Morisette
5. Matchbox 20
6. Tori Amos
7. Sarah McLachlan
8. Bon Jovi
9. Heather Nova
10. Poe

1. Hall & Oates
2. The Beatles
3. Elvis Presley
4. Alanis Morisette
5. Matchbox 20
6. Fleetwood Mac
7. Sarah McLachlan
8. Bon Jovi
9. Bob Dylan
10. Sheryl Crow

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