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Updates to Updates....

Received a nasty call from my boss this afternoon, while I was sleeping...she was upset I went "over her head" about the Halloween garbage at the store. I told her that the impression I got from the two employees I relieved that night (both have been there years longer than me) was that it would not have done any good to go to her, because her mind was "set". She said that she never had a problem with closing the doors at night, and those two apparently did not know what they were talking about. She said the stuff covering the front windows has been taken down, until Halloween day, and she didn't want that stuff up there until then anyway, it was another employee that put that stuff up early. So, as of that conversation, I am no longer going to believe ANYTHING the other employees say without checking with her first. Also, two of the employees I have on my instant messenger lists here at home, who were apparently part of this deception, have now been blocked and removed from my messenger lists. I will ONLY deal with them long enough to work with them. Thought they were trustworthy, apparently not!
Also sent another email to that "higher-up", explaining it was all a misunderstanding and that I was lied to by co-workers. Starting to think I might need to check into that "security" job that security guard seems to think I would have no problem getting with his company, that I mentioned a few weeks ago here...

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