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Just A Rant Before Leaving For Work....

The convenience store where I work started "decorating" for Halloween about two weeks ago, stupid, in my opinion for a convience store to do in the first place! Last night I got to work, they had black plastic garbage bags taped all over the two front main doors. The two employees I was relieving for the night said the boss said, because of the "decorating", to NOT close those doors all night, another DUMB idea in my opinion, considering the high number of robberies those stores have in general anyway, and it being a Friday night, plus the fact that it was getting in the low 40's that night, and my sinuses are giving me ENOUGH trouble!
Well, I went ahead and left them open till around 2am, when I had a bad urge to go to the bathroom. Knew there was no way in hell I could hold it in until 6am, when my relief got there. So, I cut holes in their "precious little decorations" around the door locks, closed the doors, and went and did my business. Only other choice would have been to have went to the bathroom, and leave the place wide open for someone to come in and take what they wanted!
If they want doors left WIDE open at night, they either need TWO employees there at night, or put me on days until after's just rediculous!

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