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Zyweb, the "click and build" styled website host, finally pushed me over the edge! First, they acted like they couldn't get my domain name registered. Then, after I gave up waiting for them to do that after almost two weeks and registered the name with Network Solutions, I emailed Zyweb back and asked them how to go about transferring the name to my site with them, since when I clicked the "domain name" button on their help page, I was still getting the "domain name pending" screen instead of the form to transfer the name. This email was sent early this morning before I left for work. 9 Hours later, after I get in from work, I get an email saying that they charge $57 to transfer a domain name to their site. I automatically took this as they are trying to gouge people purposely, so I finally just gave up and told them to cancel my account, since they seem to have NO stinking idea what they are doing!
I've spent most of the evening designing a NEW SITE that should be up and running sometime early tomorrow evening through a different "click and build" type website company. This new host I picked doesn't have as many templates or editing tools as Zyweb, and they are $7.00 higher per month, but I found, if you need assistance or have a question, you can get right through to somebody in the technical department, through a private chat window, between the hours of 9am-9pm.
Guess it's like my late father always used to say, "You get what you pay for!"

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