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Frankly...I'm Exhausted....

Well, now that I'm home, starts my "weekend", so to speak. I have to admit I'm VERY tired...not sleepy, but just tired. Entire weekend at work was busy...was there another holiday I didn't know anything about? Was at work twenty minutes longer than I planned on being this morning, because my 6am relief decided she wanted to "oversleep" again! It's starting to get "old" fast....

After leaving the store, I went to Wal-Mart, picked up a bottle of "Evan" for today, then migrated over to the DVD seems to draw me like a magnet. In the "Dammit, We're Going To Make You Buy This Movie Again Because We Have A Better Edition Out Now!" department, I found the "Collectors Edition" of "Amazon Women On The Moon", which I didn't even know had been released. I have a full-screen version on the "Image Entertainment" label I bought about three years ago, but HAD to get this new version on "Universal", because I like the movie immensely. This one is original widescreen, and has outtakes and deleted scenes. After payday, will have to also re-purchase "Monty Python's Meaning of Life" on DVD because of the same circumstances...

Okay, got me some food in the oven...going to go eat and start my "R & R".....
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