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Long, Hectic Weekend...

This weekend at work has been nearly as busy as the Labor Day weekend was...not sure WHY, but it has been. Gotta be at work in a few minutes, but hopefully, since it's Sunday night, most people will have to be getting rested up for work or school in the morning. After tonight, my "weekend" starts, off Monday and Tuesday night. Wonder why it is, that it seems 90% or so of the 18-25 year-olds that come into the store very late at night on weekends seem to be "on" some kind of "medication"? I know it's not alcohol, I could smell that a mile away...what is the younger generation coming to?

There's an older guy that comes into the store every few nights, works for a local "security firm" called Securitas, that keeps telling me, since I don't mind working night hours, they always are needing more help. He says they start at $8.00 an hour, and have good work hours. he says all he mostly does is "sit around" at the local paper mill keeping an eye on things. Been thinking about applying, but not sure about the "sitting around" part. I "sit around" enough while at home. While at work, I prefer to move around some, at least get some exercise! Currently, there is plenty to keep me moving at the store between customers, getting all the side work done.

Well, need to get off this thing now and get ready for work...see you all later!

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