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Judging from the ENORMOUS amount of business last night at the convenience store, I can agree with what the reports on TV are saying about "more people on the road" this year. If you include credit card and check sales in with the actual cash brought in last night, it was over $2000, large amount for the "graveyard shift". Factor in that enormous amount of traffic, and trying to get all my "side work" accomplished between customers, it made for a very hectic night! Don't think I've fully rested from it yet, and got to be there again in about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, tonight will probably be just as hectic!

Oh...and I wish, if Mexicans can't speak English...they'd stay in their own damn country! Asked one making a purchase last night if he had fuel out on one of the pumps, he shook his head, said "Yes", I rang it up with his purchase, he got a shocked look on his face...come to discover after trying to figure him out, he DID NOT have fuel...asshat!

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