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Power Outages...

About three minutes after I awoke tonight to get ready for work, the power went out. Couldn't see my hand in front of my face, and was unable to locate the one flashlight in the house. Waited a few minutes, then tried calling work to tell them I might be a little late if the power did not come back on soon. Could not get an answer, so first thing I thought was that their power must be out too...the only telephone outside the managers office(which they keep locked at night) is a cordless one, and those don't work without power.
So, I sit around, and about half an hour later, power returns. In case it went out again, I quickly locate my flashlight, then quickly jump in the shower, take a quick one...then start shaving...trying to "beat" the next outage. The phone rings in "mid-shave". It is the assistant manager, who normally isn't at work this time of night unless something is wrong. He said their power was out, and once it came back up, the antiquated computer system there was screwed up again. George said it was a result of a "power spike" (dare Spike Lee to sue me) at the big Sterlington power plant(about 40 miles from here), and power was knocked out over three parishes in the area. He said the computer technician said he could get the system back up and running, but next power surge, it would crash again. We can't turn on gas pumps or ring up purchases without it. George, as a result, told me to take the night off, because they were closing the store for the night. Gonna put a "dent" in the next paycheck...
After that, I turn the PC on to make this post...I'm about this far into it, when the power goes out again, just when I was going to type the line, "So far, power is still on here...". Well, so far, power is back on here, for the meantime, maybe I can get this entry posted before it leaves again and I have to "retype" all this!

During the last 15 minute outage, the local TV station on my battery powered radio with a "TV band" confirmed what George said about the Sterlington power plant, it was such a surge, a fire broke out there, and they had to quickly "vent" the Angus Chemical Plant in that town because of lack of power. No word yet on what chemicals were "vented", but they "claim" it's nothing harmful....

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