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More Bizarre Dreams....

Had two of the strangest dreams today...

1} Me and that girl "Susan" (the one who keeps contacting me first and then disappears after a few emails) were grocery shopping at Harvest Foods. We leave there, on foot, and start walking "home"...(use the quotation marks because none of the surroundings are familiar to me). We go into some building, I somehow lose her, then wind up somehow as a guest on a radio talk show hosted by Andrea Martin(from "SCTV") and announced by Fred Willard. After that, I remember nothing else.


2} I'm installing large floor mats somewhere on the stage of "Late Show With David Letterman". The whole thing is being aired throughout the show, with an audience. After I've finished and the show is over, my mom comes to pick me up. She says "I hear you're getting married." I say, "No, not anymore...she dumped me!" Then the dream "flashes back" to an apparent earlier time that day, where some blonde intern there is telling me she no longer cares for me. The face is not one I recognize in real life. After that, I remember nothing else in the dream.
If I was going to dream about a "Late Show" intern, why couldn't it have been Stephanie Birkett??

My guess is, after those two rather vivid dreams, that I must watch too much television....and I get dumped too often. Any other thoughts on their meanings?

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