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Old Computers

Just found a note on my front door after I woke up from my mom...that old computer I gave her has apparrently "locked up" on her again. Last time I went over there to fix it, it was a problem with the "Stand-By" feature that caused it. So, I went into "Power Management" and set it to "Always On", so supposidly it wouldn't try to go into Stand-By mode again. She says in the note it went into "Stand-By" again...but I don't think that is possible, got to be something else causing the freeze. Maybe I made the mistake recently of telling her she could leave it on all day, and just disconnect from the net when she wasn't using it, since she's mainly only using it to check emails anyway. When I go over there after work in the morning to see if I can determine the problem, I'll tell her to just power off when not in use, and re-boot every time. She didn't have these problems when she was doing that. I think after nearly five years, that old computer is starting to "show its age"....

The note also said she has to be at Haik/Humble at 5:45am Tuesday morning for her cataract surgery....I had already asked for Tuesday night off, glad the boss also gave me Monday night off. If she hadn't, I'd be having to try and find someone to come in an hour early Tuesday morning to relieve me...

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