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Busy Night....

Wow...what an exhausting night! Had to "rush" to get my "side work" customer after another came the time my relief showed up this morning, I had deposited over $1200 in the safe, not including what I took in on credit cards and checks...Didn't start "slowing down" until after 2:00am! I keep wondering why so many darn people in their late teens/early 20's are doing out all hours of the night! When I was that age, I was fast asleep at that time!
Well anywho...I just made it in...stopped by the grocery store on my way home and picked up some "hot dog" fixings...going to take a shower, fix a couple hot dogs, and sit in front of the television awhile before I go to bed....


  • What the HOT??

    It's nearly October. Shouldn't it be cooling off some by now?? Still having to "dress lightly" around the house...

  • Too Damn HOT

    Is it any wonder I'm "lightly dressed" today?

  • Extra Hot in September

    Egad! Look at the high for this coming Saturday!

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