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Off Tonight & Tomorrow.....

Going to spend some time in front of the TV, either watching shows or DVD's, while having some "strong liquid refreshments". You'll either be able to find me HERE...or....HERE, I'm experimenting with the two cam set-up again, if it works well, I'll put a link to the second cam on the main cam page later.

Oh, and although I probably won't be anywhere near the computer most of the day, I'd still like to make mention of something trivial. The link for the java based chat room on my site, although I've got it set to go to MY chat room, for some odd reason goes instead to Warped's "#friendly" chat room instead. If you aren't IRC literate, you can still get to the proper room on the java chat by typing in "/join #albert71292" (without the quotes) and hitting send in the chat area of the "friendly" window....letting you know "just in case" I'm there at some point...if you see a recent picture of me on cam, sitting directly in front of the PC, you'll know I'm there....

Okay, now that I've thoroughly confused everyone...I'm going to the living room....

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