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Maybe More "Spectacular" Than "Craptacular".....

Just watched one of the 11 John Wayne movies at random on the "el-cheapo" 2-DVD set, and I may have misjudged the cheap DVD companies in general. Picture quality was a LOT better than I expected. I knew they would be using old prints of the films, not "digitally cleaned" and all, but at first I was expecting it to look like that DVD I bought on the "Madacy Entertainment" label of the W.C. Fields short films, which looked like the company dubbed it from an old 6 hour speed VHS tape, had that "fuzzy" quality to it. But from what I see of the John Wayne set I got for $5.88 on the "Platinum Disc Corporation" label, they went for high quality. Granted I knew the films themselves would be "splicy" and a little noisy in the sound areas, but they weren't "fuzzy" at all! Looked like they were dubbed directly from the old worn film, instead of a SLP VHS tape. It may not "sound" like a big difference to the average layman, but to me, it's a HUGE difference picture quality wise....
Not to get back to the "Making Of..." documentaries I started watching on the James Bond DVD...not sure why, I always watch the documentaries before the main film, even, as in this case, I haven't seen the film yet...

Halle Berry in a bikini....."drool"....

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