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Two Nights Off....

Well, going to have tonight and tomorrow night off, and going to go through my "usual routine" again...the Old Milwaukee didn't "settle well" with me on my last day off, so I'm back to the Evan Williams. Went to Wal-Mart after leaving work this I was buying the bourbon, I got "carded"! First time in several years that has happened to me! Normally they see all this grey hair and just assume I'm old! But after walking out of the store, I got to thinking... the girl at the register looked a little "cross-eyed" and was wearing those kind of glasses that looked like the lenses were cut out of the bottom of the glass Coca-Cola bottles of yesteryear... maybe to her I looked young!
While at Wal-Mart, I racked up on DVD's again, always like to have something "new" to watch while imbibing. Bought the newest James Bond film "Die Another Day"($14.24)-haven't seen it yet, but like all the Bond films, hope to eventually get all of them on DVD. Finally bought "Ghostbusters"($9.44), always liked that movie, and I'm sure the DVD will be a vast improvement over the copy of the movie I recorded off Showtime about 16 years ago, plus Sigourney Weaver was extremely hot in that movie! Lastly, I was digging through a "budget bin" of $5.88 DVD's and found a two-DVD set of some of the old John Wayne westerns from the early 1930's. Remember watching a lot of those back in the 1970's on Saturday afternoons on the local Public Broadcasting station. Most are only about an hour in length. Eleven films on both the DVD's combined. It's on one of those "budget label" companies, so I'm sure the picture quality will be "CRAPtacular"...but for $5.88 for over 11 hours of John Wayne "public domain" films, I'm not going to argue much!

Well, off to shower then eat a 9:00am, I should be "settled in" to start my "relaxation" for the day.....

UPDATE: Might be a "little later" than 9:00am starting my "relaxation"...just had to make a quick trip BACK to Wal-Mart. Started opening my DVD's, noticed JUST BEFORE opening the James Bond one that I inadvertenly picked up the "Full Screen Version"...took it back, exchanged it fot the "Widescreen Version"...

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